Knowledge Management

Amplify your small business's potential with our expert knowledge management. We help organise information for better decision-making and effective team training.

The service & timeline

Our Knowledge Management service involves providing a detailed and organised system for documenting and managing knowledge within your small business. This is highly beneficial for referencing complex tasks or 'How Tos', and useful for training new team members. The timeline for this service can vary significantly depending on the volume of knowledge that needs to be documented and the amount of new information that needs to be added. Expected timelines can be anywhere from 1-5 weeks.

Service cost

This service cost is a combination of the Knowledge Management tool used, the number of users in your business, and the effort required to populate it. The most popular tool that we work with is free for companies with up to 10 users.

We charge a simple daily fee based on the number of days of effort required to bring your knowledge space to your satisfaction.


We will document business processes, create spaces for task lists which can be monitored and managed by your team, and build 'How To' pages for your team, all tailored to the needs of your business.

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