Leverage the power of data and analysis to track performance, identify trends, and optimise strategies for business success. We provide Reports or Dashboards tailored to you.

The service & timeline

We will work with you to review your small business's reporting needs, whether you require complex, detailed reports or simpler ones. We will integrate your current systems to get your data into the right reporting tool for you. Depending on your business systems, data sources, and reporting requirements, this would be a timeline of 2-4 weeks.

Service cost

Our reporting cost will vary depending on the report tools and the volume of work required to integrate your systems with them. It will be based on the tool at cost price combined with a daily fee for the integrations.

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We will integrate your systems and data with powerful reporting tools such as (but not limited to) Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, Google Data Studio, Sisense & Looker. We will suggest the best tool based on your business requirements and budget.

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